Gulf Stainless Steel Factory

Gulf Stainless Steel Factory is a national company established in 1995, Our company is one of the leading manufacturer of stainless steel and carbon steel tanks for Liquid Food, Chemicals Petroleum’s and Petrochemicals industries in different sizes and thicknesses, We are also a fabricator of pressure vessel, stainless steel/carbon steel piping works and all types of decorative works.

GSSF has a professionally trained and qualified staff. Our goal is to satisfy our costumers by providing them the best machining services, backed by professional departments, such as Design department, Production department, Quality control department and Qualified welders, The factory is fully equipped with latest plants and machinery, including heavy-duty bending machine, rolling machine, seam machine, laser CNC machine, buff machine and other CNC machines to ensure the quality of our products, we have engineered a quality management system in our plant, traceability record of all material used and fabrication is regularly maintained at all the fabrication stages. We practice quality assurance for each job before starting the fabrication. We also practice N.D.E Techniques such as radio-graphic test and others if necessary or upon client request.